Alpha Rising

A top down RPG that is flexible, interactive and alive. Alpha Rising will be a blend of exploration, travel, fast paced combat and a rich story and background based on the Scorched Metal universe.


4 July 2017

In the last month these are SOME of the tasks completed The next phase of development is to start building the actual game itself. There are many more bugs and features to fix, add and refine, but there is enough now to have a playable game. To move forward I must reduce the time I spend on adding fixing 'stuff' and increase the time spent making a playable game that is 'fun'. This means more planning on paper, laying out levels, building a better way to transition from area to area and place to place, constructing dialogues, making missions, weaving a plotline in the background and coming up with cool ideas. There is SOOOO much to do and I have no idea how I will manage it myself in a reasonable timeframe.


Scorched Metal

Build Mechs and bases on a mineral rich planet to fight for the resources and bring it under your control.

Ship Builder

Build ships and captain them! Currently a very early prototype, Ship Builder will eventually be ship management lite and multiplayer combat experience.

Stellar Commander

Bringing together ideas from Alpha Rising and Ship Builder, Stellar Commander is an all out space ship and crew simulator. Currently on indefinite hold.